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OEM Q7 Euro5 L6e-BP EEC/COC Approval 2 seater electric 4 wheel vehicle

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Q7 Euro5 L6e-BP EEC/COC Approval 2 seater electric 4 wheel vehicle

L*W*H mm):2460*1215*1635
Speed (km/h)25 or 45KM
Range (km)90KM
F/R brake: disc brake
Tyre size :Front:135/70-12 Rear:135/70-12
Curb weightkg):340
Motor2500W  brushless 
Lead acid battery72V58AH Lead acid battery
Full charging time: 6-8 h
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4 wheel cabin mini car manufacturer
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Products Description

● Dongwei  EV vehicle,  L6e-BP  EEC/COC Approval,   European market Eruo5  standard 
● Removeable lithium and lead acid battery with 45km or 25km speed
● 12 inch tubless tyre siz ,  disc bake with ECO/FAST speed ever
● European quality level electric vehicle
● 200000 Units A Year 

"Q7 MF L6E is a 2-seat mode 2 means four-wheeled electric vehicle. The body design is beautiful and new, with a large screen on the color screen and an advanced configuration, reliable performance, high cost performance and strong impact. The same size as the L6 series, the same speed but with different performances. The fully charged mileage of 90 km can be reached within one hour.
The Q7 E4WD is a 3 seater electric vehicle, comes with locking seat and keyless entry, easy to remove the top layer for easy storage. Charge up to 80% in about 45 minutes!
The Q7 is great for short commutes around town and can comfortably fit 2 people and a small amount of baggage. Its extra-large wheels make it easy to ride on all terrains, whether it be the urban jungle or out in the open countryside. This low speed electric vehicle is equipped with a very strong A-box frame, making it sturdy and reliable. You will find the Q7 extremely easy to get used to because of its comfortable, simple yet effective design."

Company Profile

DONGWEI founded in 2005, is China professional Q7 Euro5 L6e-BP EEC/COC Approval 2 seater electric 4 wheel vehicle Suppliers and Q7 Euro5 L6e-BP EEC/COC Approval 2 seater electric 4 wheel vehicle company.
DONGWEI new energy company, as a high-end brand of LIMA vehicle group, has been focusing on micro travel vehicles, And fully realized the whole industrial chain production and manufacturing which include injection, painting, frame, assembling. LIMA vehicle group owned 7 major manufacturing bases: ZHEJIANG super smart factory, HENAN super smart factory, HEBEI super smart factory, JIANGSU factory, SICHUAN factory, GONGDONG factory, GUANGXI factory and more than 5000 employees including 300 engineers.
DONGWEI is a large high-tech enterprise integrating electric vehicle research and development, production, sales and service, has been rooted in new energy vehicle industry in China for many years. DONGWEI adheres to independent innovation and masters the core technologies. Owning three-wheeler and four-wheeler industry, DONGWEI is committed to diversified development in the future.

Over the past 16 years, DONGWEI has attached great importance to independent research and development and focused on core power technology. DONGWEI has constantly iterated power available through cooperation with top international teams. Setting up technology R&D centers in Shanghai and Japan.Integrating the latest international popular elements and design concepts, DONGWEI could rapidly form market reaction and transformation ability, and provide new energy products that with both good appearance and high performance for the market.

With in-depth research and realization of automated inspection, DONGWEI has formed its own quality management and control system. There are various tests from the material to the finished product to make sure of safety and quality. In order to ensure the excellent quality of each vehicle, strict and comprehensive inspection are carried out.

DONGWEI already got the approval of the ISO 9001, CCC. CE. EEC. etc

DONGWEI provides the most valuable products and services for 25,000,000 users all over the world and would like to share intelligent Chinese manufacturing with all global users.

Scale Advantages

  • 10,000+

    Modern Factory

  • 500+

    Annual output (ten thousand)

  • 2,000,000+

    Production Capacity

  • 80+

    Exported Countries

  • Quality Priority

    Eventually, it's quality that counts. We make it our life business to provide our global partners with the one-of-a-kind quality that lasts.

  • Non-stop Innovation

    Nothing will hold up our pace of innovation and progress. Where there are "dongwei", there are exploration of new technologies.

  • Encouraging Leadership

    That a good leadership aiming to bring the best out of people makes a big group sustainable and stimulate employees' best potential.

Industry Knowledge

There are several advantages of 2 seater electric four-wheel vehicles, including:
Environmentally-friendly: Electric four-wheel vehicles produce zero emissions, making them a cleaner and more sustainable transportation option than gas-powered vehicles. They contribute to cleaner air and a healthier environment.
Cost-effective: Electric four-wheel vehicles are generally more cost-effective to operate and maintain than gas-powered vehicles. They have lower fuel costs and require less maintenance as they have fewer moving parts.
Easy to operate: Electric four-wheel vehicles are easy to operate, with simple controls that are similar to those of a traditional car. They do not require a license or special training to drive.
Quiet: Electric four-wheel vehicles produce very little noise compared to gas-powered vehicles, making them ideal for use in residential areas.
Increased safety: Electric four-wheel vehicles have a lower center of gravity than traditional cars, which can increase their stability and safety. Additionally, they may be equipped with safety features such as airbags and anti-lock brakes.
Convenient: Many electric four-wheel vehicles have features such as power windows and doors, as well as storage compartments and trunks for carrying groceries or luggage.
Accessibility: Two-seater electric four-wheel vehicles can accommodate two passengers, making them a good option for couples or friends who want to travel together.
Versatility: Electric four-wheel vehicles are available in a variety of styles and configurations, ranging from compact city cars to larger SUVs, which makes them suitable for different needs and uses.
Performance: Electric four-wheel vehicles provide instant torque, which translates to quick acceleration and responsive handling. This can make them fun to drive and provide a better driving experience.
The characteristics of 2 seater electric four-wheel vehicles can vary depending on the specific make and model, but some common characteristics include:
Electric powertrain: All 2 seater electric four-wheel vehicles are powered by electric motors and batteries, which provide instant torque and acceleration, and emit zero emissions.
Two-passenger capacity: These vehicles are designed to carry two passengers, making them ideal for couples, friends or small families.
Compact size: Many 2 seater electric four-wheel vehicles are compact and designed for city driving, with a small turning radius and easy maneuverability.
Low maintenance: Electric vehicles require less maintenance than gasoline-powered vehicles since they have fewer moving parts, and do not need oil changes or air filter replacements.
Regenerative braking: Most electric vehicles have regenerative braking, which converts energy lost during braking into electricity, helping to recharge the battery.
Range: The range of a 2 seater electric four-wheel vehicle can vary depending on the battery capacity and driving conditions. Some models may have a range of only a few dozen miles, while others may have a range of over 200 miles on a single charge.
Charging time: Electric vehicles can take several hours to recharge, depending on the size of the battery and the charging infrastructure available. However, rapid charging stations are becoming more common, which can recharge a vehicle in just a few minutes.
Safety features: Many electric vehicles have safety features such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, and backup cameras.
Technology features: Many electric vehicles come with advanced technology features such as touchscreen displays, smartphone integration, and built-in navigation systems.

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